About this machine
This is a "No Fairy Tale Zone" If you want fairy tales go to ebay or some of the "Easy to make" CNC sites.
Yes I sell on ebay too, mostly for the traffic though, ebay has gotten VERY expensive $$$.
This is a great machine for the $$. If I didn't believe in it, I would not bother with it.

This machine is intended for the weekend hobbyist who can't / won't spend the $1,000.00+ for a pro quality machine. (if you can find one for that)
And doesn't have a place & tools, table saw, drill press etc. to work - A note on MDF
This router is designed as a low budget alternative to the "low priced" $1k+  machines.
With some reinforcements that aren't worth shipping it will become a lot more rigid.

"Will this work for me?" Can you do it with a Dremel or Rotozip? Then it probably will.
It's very hard for me to say "Yes it will cut that for you". I have no way to know your experience level.
This is mainly made for R/C airplane parts, engraving, woodwork, acrylic, plastic, etc.
It might cut aluminum, depending on your knowledge level & tooling.

A quick analogy: A race between Paris Hilton & Mario Andretti.
We'll give Paris A Ferrari & Mario a Yugo. OK, maybe Honda Civic.
Got any idea who would win? Can Paris even find first gear?
This applies to machines & operators.
A good operator can work with anything, an inexperienced operator can't get results from a $100 million machine. Get it?

The video I made was a machine with just stock parts, in fact the lead screws were kinda bent and the machine wasn't really well aligned.
I tend to run my tests in "worst case scenario" just to see what if, but as you can see it runs fine & did a great job.
I showed the results in good resolution pics, not some fuzzy piece of crap you can hardly see. And, that was all first run stuff, not "the best of"

I can't afford to use the highest quality parts and put the time in to do everything and still be low cost. Remember, I do a LOT of tech support too.
"Then why bother?" Because this will work great for a ton of people that otherwise could not get one, period.

I'm stating this stuff now, there are plenty of sellers that will lie to you on ebay or other CNC sites if that's what you want to hear.
"Oh, it's so easy to build"  - 3 months & $2k later you find it's not.

CNCzone.com Warning: There's a lot of 15 minute experts out there that don't know shit about anything, freely handing out advice.
Triple check anything you read. I've read some really wrong stuff touted as fact in the forums.

"Hear me now und believe me later..." Hans & Franz

Personally I'm appalled at some of the claims made.
I read an article in Make Magazine that about made me barf it was such a blatant lie.
This is a direct quote from the article.
"Believe it or not many of these machines have been built with nothing more than a miter box, saw, portable drill / screwdriver, and a tap."
Shame on Make Magazine for publishing that crap. That is just sooo wrong. BAD!

What I wrote here is not to put anyone down just so I can sell something.
If you have the tools, I'll GIVE you the plans.
It's the absolute truth, and I'm appalled & infuriated at a lot of the claims I read.

This is the kind of B.S. with DIY plans.
From the builders FAQ on the actual website -
"You can save approximately 210$ on machining if you can cut, drill and tap the extrusions yourself.
You can also save some money if you buy, cut and drill steel rails yourself."

Wait, didn't you say on ebay:
"This is the only set of instructions that allows you to build your own CNC machine with just a basic set of tools.
What you need is:
   * Hex wrenches and screwdrivers.
   * Clamps.
   * Calipers.
   * Machinist square.
   * Dial test indicator.
   * Soldering iron.
All the parts of the machine are ready available and easy to get.
Even a starting hobbyist with just basic skills will be able to assemble the CNC machine with this guide."
What a load....
That is a bold faced lie. The sad part is, beginners will never know until it's to late & have to spend another $500 to finish it.

Or how about this one.
Building support is available to registered owners thru Yahoo Groups immediately after purchase.
It's password protected - Really, why is that??
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CNC_Router-Engraver/  Funny thing, Taig, Xylotex & every other reputable seller doesn't hide their yahoo group.

I don't hide anything either. All my stuff is right here for all to see.
I started a forum. It's an OPEN forum everyone can see - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bluumax
I figure, why hide it? If you're capable of building & selling these, you will.

Remember, only those that were successful show their great CNC machine, you never hear from all those that weren't. (and spent $$$)
Also remember, most of the feedback on ebay is simply to say they got what they paid for, not how well it actually worked when / if they got it done.

"Just the facts ma'am"
- Joe Friday.

MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is NASTY stuff. If you've ever worked with it you know.
If not, it makes a dust as fine as flour that gets everywhere. You NEED dust protection with this if you're cutting indoors.
You need to wear a dust mask. I learned about that making the router on the bluumax site.
You also need a good blade to cut it with. It will chip if you're not careful.