This machine has several options built in, or user definable.
I like options, flexibility and adjustability.
There is nothing worse than getting something you can't modify for your needs.
Colors will vary depending on what I can get. Clear, frosted, smoke, black, etc.

Things you will need

3/4" MDF, tables  you can buy it cheaper than I can ship it.

24V, 4A  Power Supply (PSU) often has good deals

Some basic hookup wire, 22 or 24 gauge (old printer cable works great)

A male / male parallel cable 6' / 2m.

USB cable for +5V (or just use PC's +5V) or regulated +5VDC power supply
NOT a "wall wart" they are not regulated and are usually way over +5v


X / Y Travel  (Cut area 12" x 17" ) with 16"x 24" table

Z Travel 2" with 3 adjustable heights

Pololu DRV8825 2.2A stepper drivers

CNC4PC C10 Breakout Board

Z Axis, NEMA 17 Applied Motion Products 5017-13

X & Y Axis NEMA 23 Applied Motion Products 5023-267
Motors can be front or back on Y, left or right on X.

Adjustable nuts on X, Y & Z leadscrews.

Comes with tool holder for Dremel 4000

PLEASE read my Read me page,
it will help explain some things about hobby / DIY CNC

I have a yahoo support group as as well, open to everyone.
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This was done with an old Dremel 395, I bought a Dremel 4000 & have more video on YouTube.
These videos were all made before upgrades

Since I was testing the machine I decided I might as well make something useful.
I cut the first Dremel holder & decided this would make a good video.
HDPE cut with 2 flute carbide bit at 14 inches per minute with .125" depth passes.
It's not a bulldozer
or a race car
Router with Motors, Drives,
Breakout Board and Dremel Holder
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Stuff you need
There is a reason most of the CNC stuff starts around $1000.00. Good quality parts are expensive.
But your average weekend hobbyist doesn't necessarily need professional quality, so...

The machines I make are starter versions.
My goal is to put out a truly affordable option that can be modified and improved on.

This is not as rigid as an all aluminum machine, but for most hobby work it will be fine. No, it won't machine a V8 engine or cut 1/2" steel plate
The great thing is, you can always make it more rigid, and you can make your own parts.
It can be upgraded to use NEMA 23 motors if desired.

If you've been looking at some of the plans on ebay & the web, you probably wonder how hard is to build a machine.
There is a lot you need to know, and tools are EXPENSIVE.

The stuff you see on YouTube, well, some is built by people who have a lot of $$ to build it with.
The others forget to mention they have a full shop to build that "easy to build" thingy.
Or the ones titled "Home made". Yeah, you live in a machine shop do ya?
Because that  was NOT made in your average house or garage.

Some, I really question how long it will continue to work for.
Does that thing have any repeatability, or will it be off 1/4" on the next pass?
Some of the instructables, well, "is this a one of a kind thing made from obscure parts I could never find?"
What's the point of the "instructable" if I can't build it?

IMHO, Tom McWire still has the only real "Easy CNC" solution.
But even that, admittedly, without machine tools to improve it, will not work reliably without constant adjustments.
No, I'm not knocking Tom, I think he did an awesome job. Thanks Tom!!

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My thoughts on
low cost CNC
Parts list
24V DC Power Supply often has good sales
3/4 MDF
2 pieces, 16" x 24"
Adjustable wrench
Drill bits
Parallel cable
Male / Male
Small flat
screw driver
for drive connections
2x Phillips screw drivers
Sizes #1 & #2
Needle files
Flat files
CAM software like Veteric Cut2D
MACH3 Windows or EMC2 Linux (FREE)
Not needed, but good to have

Jan 14, 2010, 08:16 PM
"After politely listening to his sales pitch for over 20 minutes he decided to tell me he had been illegally recording our conversation."
1/4-20 Threaded rod.
4x 4.25"
Router comes with pre-wired bipolar motors
Dremel 4000 is BEST
or Dremel 395
Hack saw to cut
threaded rod
Part Drawings
CorelDraw 10
DXF (R10 & R14)
Updated: July 26, 2015
Bluumax CNC
Affordable CNC
Watch out for ebay,
it is mostly Chinese crap

Even though it says "Shipping from U.S.", it is NOT. It is shipping from China.
I still sell on ebay occasionally, but do not lie about my items.
USB cable for +5V power.
or REGULATED +5V power supply,
you can use the PC's +5V as well.
RED wire = +5V
BLACK wire = Ground (-)

Since everyone already has these laying around, and it just costs more if I have to supply it

I will start the router biz up again this August or September 2015